In 1958 The SS-13 Sales Company began helping repair lakes and ponds in Arizona that would not hold water. In the early '60s the name of the company was changed to Seepage Control, Inc. The product SS-13 was petroleum based, and had found a niche in the southwest repairing lakes and ponds that been built with other methods. In the early '70's it became necessary to develop an enhanced product that could comply with California's proposition 65, which limited the amount of SS-13 that could be applied to the soil. This research resulted in the development of environmentally safe ESS-13 which today is being used throughout the US and world.

ESS-13 has had tremendous success sealing lakes and ponds that have failed to other lining methods. It is designed to be permanent and Seepage Control, Inc. stands behind their product. Guarantees are issued specific to the project, and our supervisors oversee each project from start to finish. If you would like further information about the uses of SS-13 or about lining your lakes or ponds with ESS-13 please contact our sales department at 1-800-214-9640.

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